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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Chicago 2006

Greetings all --

After just over a year of living back in Vancouver, we felt it necessary to travel back to Chicago this winter to visit the city that we came to love so dearly. So many great friends, sites, and memories were forged during our 2 yr stay, that we wanted to return sooner-than-later in to keep our ties strong.

Of course, making a trip into O'hare mid-December is never an easy task. With Kerri and Kallum arrriving via Vancouver-Seattle, and me via Calgary (a work-related venture), it was just our luck to be headed off by a nasty snow storm that shut down the entire airport for a day - damn! To wait out mother nature, Kerri and Kallum shacked up in a Holiday Inn Express for the night, while I ventured back into Calgary for another chilly night. Needless to say, we finally arrived in Chicago within a few hours of each other, but not before we'd already lost a good day and half of only a 5 day vacation.....C'est la vie. That being said, after our tumultuous ordeal in getting there, we had a fabulous trip.

Below are a few pictures that recount parts of this great trip. Enjoy!

The Magnificent Mile -- What's a trip to Chicago without some shopping?

A Thomas the Tank Engine Store - Can u say baby crack? Train and All!

Our old Apartment!

Waiting for the "El" (Chicago's version of the Skytrain) - Cheap Entertainment!

Kerri and her Mommy Platoon - the kids are all growing up so fast!

Chicago Childrens Museum

i) Kallum driving the Ambulance! "Wee-ooo-weee-ooo-weee-ooo!"

ii) CTA Bus Driver! "The wheels on the bus go round and round!"

iii) Kerri & Kallum baking cookies -- "Kallum learning about his soft-side...."

iii) Water-Time!



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