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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Sugar Cane Express

Probably the highlight of the trip for Kallum was the Sugar Cane Express. A historic steam train that runs from Lahaina to Kanapali. It was really quite something, just like his train table come to life. The train "chuffs" into the station and uncouples from the coaches, then turns around on a turn table to go the other way. Once turned around it buffers up to the coaches then all the passengers hop on board (have I been watching too much Thomas?). The ride itself is quite picturesque. The train actually stops to take on water from the water tower, which was also quite impressive. Kallum was speechless throughout this whole event, which is saying something. Another familly on the train gave us their monthly pass because they were leaving Maui, so Steve took Kallum for one last ride the day we left the Island. He has not stopped talking about his "two choo choo rides".


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