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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bagging our First Live Xmas Tree!

Yesterday we ventured out the valley to Maple Ridge in search of our first live Xmas tree. After some searching on the net, Kerri found the Allouette Xmas Tree Farm, which only took approx 30 minutes to get to. Nice farm, but fairly small, with pretty slim pickings in the tree department (lots of nice small trees, but not much over the 6ft height range...). That being said, they did have all of the other necessary ingredients, including a small petting zoo, wagon rides, free hot dogs and cider, and of course, Santa's workshop. Despite the slim pickings and paying $62.50 to cut down our own tree (vs. $25 at Ikea for a skookum tree & $25 gift certificate...), it was a great experience. Kallum and Sadie loved it!

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